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Liquid Organic Fertiliser for thriving natural environments: Worm Extract a Liquid Organic Microbial fertiliser that rebuilds soil health organically.

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Liquid Organic FertiliserFinally a Safe Liquid Organic Microbial Fertiliser
– utilising the power of beneficial soil microbes to build Soil and Plant health whilst fertilising your plants! Chemical free and safe to use around children and pets.
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Liquid Organic Fertiliser

Wormtec Microbial Organic Liquid Fertiliser

Wormtec Worm Extract Liquid Organic Microbial fertiliser is produced from high grade worm castings so worm extract contains, all the microbial life from the worm castings, plus all the humic and folvic compounds, growth hormones and minerals in a easily absorbable soluble form.

if  these compounds are not in a soluble form plants are unable to absorb them through the root wall, and utilise it for healthy vigorous growth

Worm extract not only fertilises your plants organically but also inoculates your depleted soils with beneficial soil microbes that start the job of rebuilding the life in your soils and building humus

What does microbial mean? Soil microbes are in the soil to break down organic matter (decay or rot) and to solubalise minerals as plants are un-able to use minerals until they are in a soluble form so they can pass through the cell wall

Healthy soil is alive with beneficial soil microbes whose job it is to break down organic matter and minerals in the soil into a soluble form that plants can absorb through there roots and leaves, if these minerals and organic matter are not solublised our plants are unable to feed on these materials, this means our plants are then going hungry, they then will be stressed and will then be attacked by pest and diseases.

The other job microbes do for us is to protect our plants by out competing disease spores when they land on our plants.

 how does it work

As all good gardeners and farmers know growing healthy crops and plants depends on the life in our soil, building rich soil high in humus and nutrients requires the soil to be alive with soil microbes, as these microbes convert organic matter into humus and soluabilise minerals and nutrients so that they can be absorbed into your plants via the roots or through the leaf surface, if they are not soluble the plant is unable to absorb these compounds for healthy vigorous plant growth.

Our organic microbial worm extract fertiliser works by fertilising the plant and feeding the soil whilst re inoculating the soil with soil microbes that have died from chemical abuse or toxins from pollution in the air and water plus the negative impact of detrimental farming and garden practices.

Building soil structure with the use of organic fertilisers and rebuilding the microbial life in our soils, now this is how we succeed in our gardening endeavors and are rewarded with healthy garden plants, fruit trees and crops that don’t show constant signs of disease, mineral deficiencies and pest attacks.

Microbes as a Bio control

Worm extract also works as a bio fertiliser with the microbial component of this organic fertiliser helping to defend your plants and soils from pest and disease attacks organically.  As the microbes are helping to feed the plant, the plant will be able to absorb the minerals it needs for healthy growth.

As the mineral content of the sap of the plant goes up so will the plant brix levels this deters most sap sucking insects, also the microbes will consume both bacterial and fungal spores that blow onto your plants eliminating these disease attacks.

Without healthy soil and a high microbial population in your soil you will have constant pest and disease attacks on your plants and garden.

Microbial Active

Without soil microbes your soil will be sterile.

Wormtec Worm Extract

Microbial fertiliser application rates and method.

Home Garden Fertiliser

An organic fertiliser that utilises soil biology and soluble nutrients to fertilise your garden and build humus and garden health. You can apply it everywhere without worry. (read more)

Liquid Organic Fertiliser applied for you

If you live in south eastern Queensland and you would like us to do the fertilising for you, with our organic worm extract, the cost is about the same as buying the product. (Read More)

Vegetable Garden Fertiliser

A chemical free organic fertiliser, based on microbes and soluble nutrients extracted from high grade worm castings. (Read More)

Turf and Lawn Fertiliser

If your looking for an organic fertiliser to treat your lawns and turf, whilst reducing turf disease and pest attacks plus eliminating thatch and soil compaction. (Read More)

Agricultural Fertiliser

An Agricultural organic fertiliser that is biology based, whilst also containing soluble nutrients, this organic fertiliser is formulated to help in rebuild depleted soil. (Read More)

Buy Direct from producer and Save

Purchasing your organic fertiliser from the producer is the only cost efficient manner to get good cost efficient pricing, plus you get direct customer service and support. (Read More)

Sporting Field Fertiliser

If your wishing to fertilise sporting fields or school ovals organically with out the use of harsh chemicals, whilst helping to reduce soil compaction, thatch and turf diseases. (Read More)

Customer service and support

Here at Wormtec Worm Farming and Vermiculture we don’t hide behind a website, I am contactable on my mobile phone 0413 807176  7 days a week for any customer support (Read More)

… sustainable gardening is our business we rely on these products to run our demonstration gardens and are happy to recommend them to our clients and members because we know they work. Read more

Justin Sharman-Selvidge

Manager, Gold Coast Permaculture

Other Popular Wormtec Top Selling Products

Wormtec produces high grade worm castings to produce all our liquid products from, we have over 14 years of product development invested in our worm castings, you can buy far cheaper worm casting than we produce, but our are full of microbes, nutrients and minerals, most worm castings are a waste product from growing worms ours are produced for growing agricultural crops to rebuild depleted soils.



We produce all our organic products with the help of huge numbers of compost worms, worm are my workers so we try to not sell to many as they are here to produce high grade worm castings with out worms my business stops,  We sell compost worm by the kilo lot in to home worm farms and agricultural applications at certain times of the year if your looking for worms contact me and if i have excess I will help you out, if not i will try to put you in contact with someone who will supply you fresh healthy worms. only buy freshly harvested worms not worms that have been bagged up and left in shops for extended periods of time.

Here at Wormtec we utilise kelp flake and powder in the fertilisers we spray commercially on crops and gardens, if your after a kelp product to apply to your garden or crop check out my shop as this is the best kelp product I can find, its also the kelp that I sell to my farming customers Australia wide, I have used this product for years with fantastic results, I don’t spray a job with out adding this kelp to the spray tank

Organic fish this is one of my secret weapons for fertilising and stimulating microbial populations into activity, I have used this product for in excess of 6 years, its the best fish fertiliser I can find, does it smell yes it stinks but a short time after application the smell is gorn, if you get it on your hands or clothes you will smell all day, is it worth these problems, yes as it really works, better than any other I have tried. I don’t try to sell this product because of the smell problem but if you want a fish product that really works check out my shop, every job I spray has this fish mixed into the spray tank.

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What is Microbial Active?

“This is the living side of the soil, without soil microbes your soil will be sterile.”
an organic fertiliser that utilises soil biology and soluble nutrients!


– Build soil structure
– Reduces leaching
– Cycle nutrients into plant available forms
– Open up compacted soil
– Move organic matter deeper into the soil profile


– Plant available nutrients
– Soil wetting properties
– Improves clay & sandy sSoil
– Use as a foliar Spray or soil drench
– Boosts resistance to disease
– Reduces transplant shock


Liquid Organic Fertilizer

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