Agricultural Fertiliser

Agricultural Fertiliser – 100% Australian Organic Fertiliser

“Broad acre agriculture is getting harder and harder to show a profit at the end of each year with all the chemical fertilisers that we are told we require to grow our crops or pastures.”

We have been working all over Australia with farmers from pasture grass and dairy, to cotton and wheat, to organic vegetables and even citrus fruit trees showing farmers that by getting their soil back into balance with the addition of soil microbes. You can cut costs and grow healthier crops.

Without good numbers and diversity of beneficial soil microbes in the soil nutrient cycling will stop. You can have all the mineral and nutrient in the soil you like but if it is not in a soluble form or chemically locked up, your plant is unable to utilise this for plant growth. this is when you would add more fertiliser.

But if you apply microbial based fertilisers the microbes will start the job of rebuilding your soil health by breaking down minerals and nutrients already in the soil and start the job of unlocking tied up chemicals and detoxifying your soil from chemical abuse.

Beneficial soil microbes will also set to work opening up your compacted soil allowing air and water to penetrate further into the soil profile this also allows root system easy passage to deeper water reserves cutting irrigation requirements.

Once you start utilising microbial fertilisers you will notice the earth worms return to you soil allowing them to help mix organic matter and crop stubble deeper into the soil profile once again opening up the soil to allow air and water entry deeper into the soil profile.

We all know that chemical fertilisers have a detrimental effect on our soil killing off our soil biology and earth worms and causing toxic compounds deeper into the soil profile that burn the tender feeder roots off our crops, causing excessive compaction and tying up chemicals so that plant are unable to absorb them.

Organic microbial fertilisers are the fertiliser of the future, Wormtec Worm Extract is the fertiliser of choice, we sell direct to farmers Australia wide. No middle men mark ups, buy direct and save.