Cheryl from Helensvale

“I was first introduced to Wormtec at my local Bromeliad Club garden open day where Greg Plevey was giving a talk. I must point out that I am a novice gardener, brom enthusiast and cynic of the first order who will run a mile when the hard sell is on. I listened to Greg that day and what he was saying gave me food for thought. Would worm extract help with the battle I was having with rust on my frangipani trees? I bought a 5L container that day and have been using it ever since. Initially I was very cautious when spraying the bromeliads and it took me a lot of time to trust that the product would not harm them. I have found that my frangipani rust is kept in check; worms are coming back into the garden, no mean feat when I have very little top soil. The bromeliads seem to love it and it seems to keep them cleaner. I always use a solution of worm extract and kelp powder potting up pups, putting down seed and spraying growing seedling. I believe that the products I buy from Greg at Wormtec are having a positive impact on my garden and bromeliads and will continue to use them on a regular basis.”

Growing Celery

Not hard at all, even the kids will do it for you