Customer Service and Support

Here at Wormtec Worm farming and Vermiculture we pride ourselves on our customer service skills and the relationship we have built up over the last 12 to 13 years with our customer base all around Australia, this is one of the reasons our company has had so much success, as we do not advertise or run adds or yellow pages, we rely solely on our websites, loyal customers that return over and over again to purchase products, plus the word of mouth recommendations that we receive.

My passion is helping customers grow organic gardens and commercial crops, without the use of synthetic chemicals, when not at work running our company I can be found speaking at garden clubs, attending organic markets or speaking at seminars, field days and garden expos. i love to help the general public to grow healthy plants and gardens with the information I have learned in my life time.

In the past I also use to spend quite a bit of time assisting schools, in helping to educate their students about the environment, gardening and worm farming, we have even done grow trials on sporting ovals with the students testing different fish and kelp products and its influence on soil compaction as well as seed trials with organic fertilisers at different strengths to see the different growth rates from germination to mature plants.

If any of my customer base ever need information or assistance whether it is for testing of the soil ph levels I do this for free for my customers. or even if your looking for a product soil, mulch or even rock dusts you can phone me and i will try to put you in contact with the right company to assist you.

Customer service is knowing that im here to help you no mater what it is, as wormtec supports all our customers big or small if you have a small vegetable garden you will be treated the same as our large agricultural customers.