Kathleen Berton QLD

“When we moved into our house in Elanora 3 1/2 years ago, we found our dogs suffered a terrible time with fleas. I try to avoid using chemical on them at all costs, but nothing was working and they were terribly affected. They ended up being on the maximum dose of every concoction the vet could put them on, but they still had fleas so bad they would bite themselves until they bled. I treated the yard with lime as I heard that the fleas might have found the pH of the soil to be pleasing. I did research on the internet on what natural alternatives were available to me. I found a site that said that if I had the right nematodes under my shrubs, they would sort out the flea larvae. So I went to Bunnings and asked for a bunch of nematodes. They couldn’t help me (and kind of backed away from me slowly, saying that nematodes are bad and no-one wants them. I found Greg Plevey and Wormtec by looking up ‘worms’ in the Yellow Pages. He came out and analysed the problem and treated the yard. It cost less than what we were paying for two months of flea treatments. We have only had three treatments from Greg and the decrease in the flea problem has been significant. We were also extremely pleasantly surprised in the difference we have also noticed in the yard. At the same time, we had an incredible problem with weeds. The more we keep the soil healthy with Greg’s treatments and advice (avoiding using chemicals in the yard, ‘feeding’ the soil, etc), the less we have weed problems and the more vibrant our garden is with less effort from us. I would highly recommend Greg, his products and the advice he gives. He has a wealth of knowledge and such a great appreciation of the biological interactions associated with soils and multiple spin-off effects that what we do has down the line. We are so blessed to have him on the Gold Coast. If you try his products and follow his advice you will get results. It may not happen as quickly and noticeably as it did for us, but it will happen.”