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“Wormtec Worm Extract is a fantastic organic fertiliser for your garden as it is totally organic and natural there are no chemicals to burn your plants, you can apply it to everywhere in your yard without worry, spray your lawn, roses, fruit trees and favorite plants as its all natural and biology based even your vegetable garden as its chemical free there are no problems with chemicals in the food we grow in our edible gardens

The microbial fertilisers we produce are both people and pet friendly and have no negative impact on the environment, our worm extract is also a very good organic fertiliser that also works as a bio-control helping to control pest and diseases on plants like roses. you can also use it on natives as it is totally organic.

If your having problems with pest and disease in your garden check your soil ph levels, add good quality organic matter, reduce the chemical usage around your garden, and give a good watering with our microbial worm extract.

Once you have the health and vitality back in your soil by using our worm extract fertiliser you will see the earth worms come back into your garden beds, further improving your soil, opening up the soil and allowing the air and moisture to penetrate further into the soil profile, helping to eliminate soil compaction.

You will even see the other insects, butterflies, bees and birds return to your yard once you start to reduce your chemical usage and go more organic in your garden.

Using wormtec biology based fertiliser will help to reduce water usage and reduce pest and disease attacks on your favorite plants, worm extract will also bring out the best colours and vitality in your garden plants.