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Poised to become the leading natural organic microbial liquid fertiliser and foliar spray for lawns, turf, garden and agricultural crops in Australia.

100% Organic

Wormtec worm extract is a totally sustainable ecofriendly fertiliser that has no negative impacts on the environment.


Our Liquid Organic Fertiliser is a concentrate so can be diluted with water. Ratio 30 to 1.


This product can be used both as a fertiliser, soil rebuilder, conditioner and bio control all in the one product.

 Worm Extract, The future in Liquid Organic Microbial Fertiliser

Wormtec worm farming and vermiculture has been developing liquid organic worm extract fertilisers and worm based soil improvers for over 12 years now, our organic worm extract fertiliser is biology based and is produced from high grade worm casting; we extract all the beneficial properties from the worm castings into an easy to apply liquid fertiliser, this includes the micro biology, nutrients, minerals, growth hormones and all the humic and folvic compounds.

We utilise custom built and designed extractors to produce our fertiliser, this is not a leachate or a compost tea type product, as we have developed this technology ourselves over the last 12 years we are the only company that is using this technology to produce our Organic Microbial Worm Extract Fertiliser.

Biology based now this is where I believe the future lies in rebuilding depleted Agricultural soils.

I believe that we are the largest producer in Australia of this type of microbial worm based soil rebuilding fertiliser, the micro biology component of this product also has bio control properties against pest and disease, both by raising brix levels in plants and crops and also by the active beneficial biology out competing disease organisms.

Our organic microbial worm extract fertiliser is used to rebuild the life in the soil whilst providing the plants or crop with plant available nutrient and minerals, as this is a totally organic product it has low levels of plant available nutrients and minerals in a totally soluble for.

Our slow release and long-term mineral and nutrient availability is from the active micro biology cycling the nutrients and minerals already in the soil, as the micro biology lives in the pore space in the soil they de compact the soil, opening up the soil for both air and water to enter deep into the soil profile.

Opening up the soil profile allows the plant or crop to put their roots deep down into the soil profile where they can access moisture and nutrients and minerals, once out of reach. This reduces watering and even goes as far as making your pasture and lawns drought tolerant.


Working with farmers Wormtec worm farming and Vermiculture have been working with farmers and horticulturists right across Australia, assisting farmers in rebuilding their depleted soils, building both microbial populations and fertility.

Rebuilding soil fertility requires soil microbes to be active, modern Agricultural practices and chemicals have nothing but a negative impact on soil structure, fertility and microbe populations. Leading to soil compaction,  Ph.  Problems and chemical lock up in the soil.

By utilising beneficial soil microbes in an easy to apply liquid that also contains plant available nutrient in a chemical free organic form we are able to start the job of detoxifying and rebuilding our agricultural and garden soils.

The biology contained in our liquid organic worm extract also acts as a bio-control helping to protect the seeds, seedlings and plants from both pest and disease attacks, by helping to increase plant brix levels and suppling the nutrients, minerals in a soluble form

The first step to rebuilding our depleted soils is rebuilding the life that was once in our soils, we should look at our soils as the biggest asset we have, without healthy fertile soils cost efficient and sustainable farming is impossible, imposing detrimental farming practices on our soils is the first step to nonprofit farming, If you look after your soil the soil will look after you, both financially and sustainably.

We should never subject the soil or the life in our soils to detrimental farming practices we should endeavor to promote the life in our soils, by doing everything in our power to promote soil health. Feeding the soil organic matter to feed the microbial population, so the microbes can take care of the soil health and fertility for us.

Rebuilding soil microbe numbers is the key to soil fertility, if you are seeing mineral deficiency or pest attacks on your crops or plants it can always be traced back to the soil, don’t treat the problem you see on a plant, fix the problem once and for all, by repairing the soil.

Soil microbes also consume the minerals, nutrients and tied up chemicals already in the soil profile solubilizing these compounds, these compounds are contained in the microbes bodies until the microbe is consumed or dies, this stops the nutrients and minerals from leaching out of the soil profile with heavy rain or irrigation.



Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply liquid organic fertiliser?

I prefer to apply our organic worm extract fertiliser early morning or late afternoon so the ultra violet rays from the sun doesn’t sterilize the beneficial biology in our extract fertiliser, if it’s raining or the soil and plants are wet you can apply at any time as the organisms will use this available moisture to colonize the plant and soil while at the same time be protected from the suns radiation.

How can I apply worm extract for agriculture?

Our worm extract can be applied via normal agricultural spray equipment but please increase the jet size so you are not harming the biology at application time, plus the use of a diaphragm pump is recommended both soil drench and foliar applications are efficient at getting the product applied. I only spray worm extract at around 20 psi very low pressure as you don’t want to squash them with pressure if they hit the ground or a tree under high pressure

How do I apply worm extract on my home garden?

Wormtec Worm Extract is applied as a liquid spray or by watering can onto plant leaf surfaces or as a soil drench to re-apply all the beneficial micro-organisms and micro nutrients that your soil and plant require. Worm extract will assist in improve the soil by returning nutrients and micro-organisms back into the soil increasing soil fertility and plant health. Worm extract, helps retain moisture so less water is required while feeding your plants. Our worm extract, is a concentrate so can be diluted with water up to 30 to 1 so it is very economical to use.

What does activating worm extract mean?

Worm extract contains mostly a dormant biologically component that, when applied with a food source, then becomes active and starts colonising your soil, plants or crop and starts rebuilding you soil and plant health.

To fast track the activity of the biology I add a small amount of fish and kelp powder to the worm extract at application time this food source wakes up the dormant organisms so they can start the job of rebuilding the health of the soil.

You can apply worm extract without a food source and the biology will come out of dormancy when it is stimulated by the plants or climatic conditions.

Never add a food source into your worm extract drum always add the food source to the spray tank or watering can, if you add the food source to your drum you will activated all the biology inside the drum and any leftover extract will go off and be wasted

How should I store worm extract?

Please store your worm extract out of the sun in a nice cool place, after you receive your worm extract loosen the lid to allow air to enter the drum as these are aerobic organisms Never allow food source to enter drum; as worm extract fertiliser is biology based we have a unique means of getting the biology to go to sleep or to go into dormancy this allows us to store our product, if you allow a food source like fish, kelp or molasses just to name a few to enter your drum the biology will wake up and consume all the oxygen in the drum and then die, leaving you with a very smelly container.



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