Guido Lismore N.S.W

“Hi my name is Guido I have a 20 Hectare Macadamia nut farm at Tregeagle near Lismore N.S.W. I have been in this industry for over 20 years. We have approximately 5000 macadamia nut trees on our property they range in age from 2 yrs old to 20 yrs old. We have various varieties of trees 334, 333, 508, a29, a4, 849, 816. Over the years I have been using synthetic fertilizers and sprays and noticed that insects have not decreased but my sprays were getting stronger my application of fertilizers were applied at a greater rate each year. 18 months ago I decided to cut back on synthetic chemicals and fertilizers and to try a more natural approach to farming, I have started producing my own compost that I mulch around my trees with, I have also been using BD remedy sprays, as well as foliar and soil drench applications of Fish, Humic acid, minerals and plant available nutrient. I have also been trialling a trichogramma wasp to control nut borer with out the use of damaging chemicals. I am trying to maintain health beneficial biology on my trees and in the soil to help to control pest and disease out breaks on our property. After 18 months on this new program I have noticed an increase in the health of my trees and now have earth worms under my trees where before there were none. We have been speaking with wormtec worm farming and vermiculture and Greg has visited us at our farm to see how wormtec can assist us, we are currently trying Wormtec worm extract as a trial to supply more beneficial biology and plant available nutrient to our trees and soil. We are also considering using wormtec worm castings under our trees to inoculate the soil with compost worms and all the beneficial biology there castings contain. We also intend adding compost worms to our compost windrows so that when we are mulching our trees we are also adding compost worms, worm cast and worm eggs to our trees at the same time. I have just started to produce my own compost tea for application on to my trees and soil to once again introduce beneficial biology to help rebuilding my soil and plant health and to protect against pests and disease out breaks, with out the use of harsh chemicals. I believe if we want to continue farming and produce a better and healthier product we must reduce, and then move away from the use and practices of chemical farming. Guido”