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“Hi, my passion is growing organic vegetables, this is one of the reasons I first got involved with worm farming and the long road to producing organic fertilisers. The trick to growing organic vegetables is having a healthy soil full of worms, microbes and lots of organic matter. One of the things most people forget is what ever we are applying to our vegetable plants and herbs, we are eating this chemical when we consume them later, so go organic and be rewarded by superior flavor and higher quality and mineral content.

The Soil Is The Key

What is healthy soil, its a soil that contains organic matter with soil microbes and worms with a soil PH of around 6.4, I also add mineral rock dust plus worm castings and I use our worm extract fertiliser. Now this is the basic set up I use and this is also how I set up customers vegetable gardens. This is also the basic set up on large organic farms we work with.

How Does It Work

Nature is very simple so we should do all we can to not have any negative or detrimental influence on the soil. (no Chemicals)

Lets Start Then

Organic matter, mineral and nutrients are consumed by soil biology and turned into a soluble form this soil biology is then consumed by earth worms and other predatory microbes releasing most of the nutrient and minerals that the soil biology had consumed for the plants to absorb through there root wall, plant can only take in soluble minerals so without microbes your plants will go hungry

Now if you apply chemicals or synthetic fertilisers to your soil you kill off your soil microbes breaking the soil food web. you soon have no earth worms either, as they eat soil microbes, so you now have no nutrient cycling. This now opens the door to pest and disease attacks.

Please remember if you see a problem in your garden its always comes back to a problem with the soil not a problem with the plant. So don’t treat the plant as this is only a temporary fix, treat the soil as once its healthy and in balance you will be able to grow anything you want.

Organic microbial fertilisers are the way of the future in repairing depleted soils and removing toxins, if your adding chemicals to your garden they are still on the food you are eating.

The Taste Difference

We have all tried home grown or organic produce, yes you can taste the difference with no bitter taste from chemicals, this produce is also healthier and contains more minerals and goodness than commercial produce, taste the difference, it also stores much longer before it starts to spoil.

Worm Based Products Rule

I supply our Wormtec organic worm extract microbial fertiliser Australia wide. From fertiliser companies to home growers use our products.