Vicky Grant. Hope Island, 25 April 2008

“Greg Plevey introduced us to his product Worm extract; we had recently had new turf laid due to a new road construction in our street. The turf was poorly laid and was turning yellow, very patchy and thin. Greg suggested we use his product Worm extract. Wow! Within two weeks of Greg spraying his excellent environmentally, innovative formula we could notice the difference in the lawn. Our neighbours had also had their turf replaced by the same company and you can clearly see the difference. After several months and a couple of treatments of Worm extract, we now have a thick, healthy lawn that chokes out any stray weeds. I would highly recommend the use of this effective and natural product. It is A quick and easy process with no odour and the effects are long lasting. It is ecologically friendly and most importantly it has made our lawn drought resistant. I have found Greg to be passionate, reliable and informative about his fantastic product, worm extract. Therefore I enthusiastically endorse worm extract as an effective lawn treatment. So what are you waiting for, start the treatment and reap the benefits of this wonderful product. Regards from an extremely satisfied customer.”